There are two sorts of magpies living in my area, and I managed to get the two together in this shot.  The smaller bird taking off is the magpie lark or piping shrike, which is the emblematic bird for my state. The other two birds are parent and juvenile Australian magpies.  The parents take their role very seriously and continue to feed their young even when the birds are quite large, as you can see here.  Magpies are iconic aussies – stories about them abound and they are mascot of many sporting teams.  I’m very happy to have them nesting in the trees near to my house.  Did I mention they have a beautiful song?  I’ve had them singing along to classical music too:-)


4 thoughts on “Magpies

  1. Magpies are beautiful birds. The one we have here in Canada has long tail feathers sometimes longer than the rest of the body. Can be so noisy at time too but still brighten a solitary dullish day.
    Great picture.

    • When I was looking for the image to use, I thought to myself – now I wonder how Timo would use this one…. your guidance is most appreciated:-)

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