Christmas decorations.

In Australia, Christmas falls in the middle of summer, and summers Downunder always mean flies.  Well….except perhaps in Tasmania where it has been known to snow on Christmas day.  While there are those who still celebrate in a traditional English manner, there are others who will have BBQ’s and beach feasts – outdoor activities = flies.

When I saw this tiny fly hanging from a seeding parsley flower, I was reminded of a Christmas tree decoration…..strange perhaps….but that’s the way my little mind works:-)


4 thoughts on “Christmas decorations.

    • I wish I could send you some warmth:-) But maybe hearing that my friend in Sweden is expecting -30C over the next few days after lots of -20C will make a little difference. I can’t comprehend temperatures like that!

  1. I am new to your blogs, and I am guessing that you love macro photography. Great shot.


    P.S. Here in west Texas we set a record yssterday with 85 degrees. The warmest since 1908 for that date. I don’t think we will be havins snow on Christmas. But the weather can change pretty fast here so stay tuned….

    • Macro work is my latest passion Bob, having recently obtained a macro lens. I do other subjects, depending on circumstances. I’ll dig up some bird shots for you:-)
      As to the weather, that’s quite extra-ordinary! It appears that all around the world weather patterns are very unusual……

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