How could you be scared of this?

As children, many of us are taught to be scared of spiders and all things ‘creepy crawly’ – regardless of how tiny the little creature may be or how innocent it may be also.  I look at the face of this tiny spider and can only think how sweet and cute it looks, yet once upon a time I had a different view.  What changed me?  Simply getting to know it and others like it.

Fear can drive us all to do things we may later regret.  I strive to overcome my fears….step by step….or is it by reaching out a hand perhaps….


12 thoughts on “How could you be scared of this?

  1. Nice shot, but it does creep me out a little. I like spiders because they eat all of the other bugs that might invade my home, but we still have an uneasy relationship.

    • I much prefer to meet the spiders out of doors than in my house although having said that, I’ve a huntsman sharing one room at the moment.

  2. Hi there! I am Bob Zeller’s buddy from Three States Plus One. I responded to your very nice comment over there and I wanted to say thank you here as well. Heather also sends along her thanks.
    I looked over your blog and it’s a very cool site. 🙂 I also added you to my blogroll.


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