Up close and personal

I’ve recently added a macro lens to my equipment, and despite having  quite a steep learning curve in getting comfortable with it, I’m loving it.  I  believe in life-long learning, and this is a great path for me to follow,  as I see the detail in insects that I’d be blind to otherwise.  Some insects I can barely see with the naked eye, and now I can see their beautiful designs and colours!  Nature is so very clever.  I’m even beginning to like flies – providing they are outside and not biting me or my horse!


4 thoughts on “Up close and personal

  1. The world of macro photography is very intriguing indeed. I suppose in Australia you’ll have a lot of subjects to take macro pictures of right now!
    Enjoy this season!

    BTW: We’ve had our first snow for this year yesterday…

    • I’ve plenty of subjects, it’s the weather conditions that prove difficult. The slightest breeze is a hazard, and this area is well known for its wind. I need to design a portable wind deflector I think! Perhaps you could send me a snowflake image now that you’re experiencing the changed season:-)

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