Sunshine Skinks

One of the delightful creatures in my garden, this little skink lives in the timber sleeper I’ve put upright to get some vertical contrast.  The cracks in the timber provide a great refuge for the tiny reptile and a sunny place also.  It’s important for all creatures to have a safe place – including ourselves!  I was standing by the sleeper looking to photograph something a little distance away when I realised I was being watched……so I took its photo instead.  It seemed the right thing to do. 


2 thoughts on “Sunshine Skinks

    • There’s another lizard that lives nearby, a gecko, and that is my favourite of the group. You’ll probably hear me cheer the day I manage to get a photo of it! A very shy creature……
      As to the changing moments, some of my best shots have come not through planning, but turning and snapping!

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