What makes something perfect?

Travelling through apple orchards recently I had to stop and reflect on modern growing methods.  Instead of pigs, geese or other livestock running in the orchard and eating the fallen fruit and at the same time fertilising the ground, the unpicked fruit is left for months to rot on the ground or mummify on the trees, thereby becoming a potential breeding ground for pests and diseases.  Chemicals are used instead….with all the problems they cause.

Even once the fruit is picked it is frequently treated with more chemicals….to make it shiny or somehow more appealing to the consumer – as if a natural fruit is not appealing !!

This apple looks great to me – despite a small flaw on the outside.  And yet it’s been rejected.  Shame shame shame.

Time for consumers to get real and change their expectations and to stop worrying about how it appears but be more concerned about how it’s grown.

” An apple a day keeps the doctor away” goes the old adage – BUT ONLY WHEN IT’S NOT LOADED WITH CHEMICALS!


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