A dragon in distress

I was trying to photograph the flight of the dragon flies down at my local river, when suddenly I noticed that one had fallen into the water and was unable to fly off.  It was struggling to grab hold of a stem of reed to climb up on, so I put the camera down and reached across as far as I could and tried to metaphorically throw it a lifeline.  Without falling into the water myself!  Finally I was able to assist it to reach a length of vegetation and then pull that to the bank.

It proceeded then to dry its wings by whirring them without trying to take flight.  Once the wings were dry it tried to fly but ended up in the shallow water at the edge.  Another dragon fly hovered around as if it was concerned also.  So I decided to place the insect a greater distance from the water, in a wattle bush where it was somewhat protected.  Then I left it to its fate.  I always wonder how much to interfere in the natural processes and after all, the lifespan of dragon is quite brief.  Yet, I felt I could not leave this beauty without any help.  It felt such a small return for the joy I’ve had in photographing them.


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