Beautiful bugs

As I’ve mentioned before, I try to not interfere with the bugs and beetles and creepy crawlies in my garden.  I once would squash ‘pests’ but theses days that is a rarity and the last time I did it, I felt terrible the moment I committed the deed.  So I refrain.  It’s all about overcoming my conditioning.

In my garden at present, and have been for many months now, are orange shield bugs.  They are living mostly in one area, on the herb basil that has come to the end of its productive life for leaf harvesting.  I let the plant set seed and in the process it developed into a tall bush with quite hard firm stems.  The bugs are living and breeding around this group of plants and I cannot see any particular damage caused by them.  Even if they were damaging the plant, I would these days simply observe to see how the plant would adapt or not.

One day I noticed a bug on my Eremophila bush, and took my camera out, and had a wonderful time following the exploits of one as it travelled over the bush.  It paid me no heed – perhaps smart enough to know I meant it no harm, as these bugs will emit a rather nasty squirt if they feel threatened.  As a reward, I have a series of shots I can look at and share around.  It’s a beautiful creature – enjoy!orange bugorange bug


2 thoughts on “Beautiful bugs

  1. Ardee and I really enjoyed the closeup of your BUG Nancy. Try for more of these as they are really fascinating.
    Bob & Ardee

    • Thank you. Sadly my camera suffered a mishap this week, and it’s future is still uncertain….time will tell….

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