Walking out in the hills, away from roads and tracks, is pure joy for me, especially if I’m accompanied by my four-legged friends.  Sometimes we meet up with others on our travels – feral deer, grey kangaroos, and various species of birds.  None of these am I able to get very close to generally, but I did have a close encounter of a different sort this weekend.  A grasshopper jumped at my feet, and when I stretched my hand down to it, it sat on my hand while I lifted it up for a closer look.  We shared a little time together, and then I placed it in the protective shelter of a tussock of grass and continued with our walk.   More often these days I have encounters such as this with tiny creatures, and the trust they have astounds me.  Cynics may say the insects have no intelligence and therefore no capacity to trust, but time and again I am shown that this is not the case.  trustLater on that morning, as we were heading towards home after quite a long walk, my ginger cat Mickey wanted a shady spot to catch his breath, and sat in the shade cast by the horse.  Trusting the horse not to step on him.  Sally is a very gentle horse and kind natured, yet so large in comparison to the cat and most would think it a foolhardy position to be in.  All was well however, and after a little rest Mickey was happy to continue, while I still pondered what I’d seen with amazement.  I think I’m being shown a few lessons in trust…


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