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Musos entertain protesters against unconventional mining


I used to say we haven’t had a civil war in this country, but it’s certainly getting closer to it now – those who are greedy and in favour of CSG, and those who believe in the right of everyone to have clean air and water.

Originally posted on WattleRangeNow:

by S Lowe 5THE FM newsonline wattle rangenow

 Fracking is on many peoples lips these day, since with the prospect of unconventional  mining in the South East becoming a possibility.  Information meetings have been held around the region in most communities. This article came across my desk today and I thought I’d pass it on to you. Musos including Dan Sultan (pictured) arrived to entertain protesters today.

It was first reported on Echonet daily.

Echonet Daily


Like a scene from a spy movie, seven cars pulled up at a guarded gate on Saturday afternoon, but instead of black suited secret agents, some of the north coast’s highest profile musos stepped out to surprise and support protectors at the Bentley Blockade which has now had people locked-on for six weeks.

Nick Hanlon and Amanda Shoebridge from Aussies Against Fracking organised the northern rivers super group that included Ash Grunwald, Kram from Spiderbait…

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What are we doing to the children?


Surely it’s time to take action against this atrocity?!

Originally posted on O ECOTEXTILES:

Americans live in one of the wealthiest nations in the world, yet American children are less likely to live to age 5 than children in comparable nations – and I was shocked to find that America has the highest infant mortality rate in the industrialized world. [1]


Our children are especially vulnerable to the presence of toxic chemicals in their lives, and unfortunately this means that our children are sicker than we were as kids.

That is due to many different things, but one component can be found in changes to our environment. Since the middle of the last century, we have allowed a slew of chemicals (numbering now over 80,000) to be used in products – chemicals which were untested, many of which we now know to be harmful. In 2009, tests conducted by five laboratories in the U.S., Canada and Europe found up to 232 toxic chemicals in…

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Worm evolves to eat GM corn


A victory for Nature!

Originally posted on GMO Awareness:

worm eats corn After years of predicting it would happen — and after years of having their suggestions largely ignored by companies, farmers and regulators — scientists have documented the rapid evolution of corn rootworms that are resistant to Bt corn.

More here:

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This comical explaination really tells the true story of ME/CFS.

Originally posted on Constant Fucking Shit:

1. Going over your activity baseline.

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Announcing: David Holmgren & our Winter PDC


If I was 20 years younger I’d be right into this.

Originally posted on Milkwood: homesteading skills for city & country:


We are excited to announce that David Holmgren, co-originator of Permaculture, will be joining Nick as a special guest teacher on our Winter Permaculture Design Certificate course happening this July in Sydney.

Here’s why we think this is such a big deal:

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Telling Abbott the truth


At least one politician is speaking up…..

Originally posted on Café Whispers:

Green’s Senator Scott Ludlam welcomes Tony Abbott to Western Australia.

And Ludlam nails it. Seven minutes of hard-hitting truth.

Naturally, Tony Abbott won’t bother to listen to this speech. But thousands will.

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Groundwater in the Pilliga has now been poisoned with uranium, arsenic and other heavy metals as a result of CSG activities by Santos!

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Another horrendous situation that was bound to happen sooner or later.

Originally posted on The 1910 Bottling Company Blog:

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 11.15.35 am
There was shocking news in the Sydney Morning Herald for the farmers of north-west NSW on Saturday – groundwater in the Pilliga had been poisoned with uranium, arsenic and other heavy metals as a result of CSG activities by Santos[1].After hearing the news on Saturday, farmers Mark and Cherie Robinson jumped into action, and today they will be at NSW Parliament in Sydney, demanding a halt to CSG drilling in NSW in the wake of the shocking confirmation of water impacts.

Mark and Cherie have a farm west of the Pilliga and they are completely dependent on groundwater.  They can’t survive without it. They’ve already shown incredible courage – both have been arrested stopping Santos drill rigs in the Pilliga over the last month – an extraordinary action for two hard-working, law-abiding farmers.

Will you stand with Mark and Cherie, and add your voice to their call to defend our…

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Our Prime Minister thinks logging companies are the “ultimate conservationists”. What do you think?

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Shame shame shame. Abbott seems determined to bring this country to its knees, by selling out to greedy businesses.

Originally posted on The 1910 Bottling Company Blog:

893581-dafd5462-8c95-11e3-873f-eea0d8e80762 event-3 d3s0906_rp034a

Here’s a man who thinks national parks are a commodity to be farmed and used. So tell me Tony, how do you you replace 2,000 year old trees and closed eco-systems that are hundreds and thousands of years old?? Surely tourism is a far longer and sustainable business proposition for the economy? Given the rest of the world appears set on bulldozing our forests for short term gains. Also you may not understand that tress absorb Carbon Dioxide and give us the Oxygen we in fact breath? The lungs of the world. Unfortunately trees can’t also absorb all the hot air from buffoons such as you – maybe this hot air released by countless twits in governments around the world is one of the major contributors to global warming?

The other night, Tony Abbott told the timber industry that too much native forest was “locked up” in national…

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How we’re protected from chemical exposures.


I certainly know from bitter experience, that the government in Australia failed and continues to fail to protect me from chemical damage. Governments have sold out to the multinational chemical companies.

Originally posted on O ECOTEXTILES:

I always thought I wouldn’t have to worry about some things – like, oh,  incoming missiles,  terrorist plots, and chemicals which could destroy me – because I thought my government would have something in place to protect me.  But the recent chemical spill in West Virginia changed that: for those of you who don’t know, that was a spill of  about 10,000 gallons of what is called a “coal cleaner”  into the Elk River, contaminating the water supply of 300,000 people.

When I first began looking into the chemicals used in fabrics, and finding out that the soft, luscious fabrics we surround ourselves with every day are filled with chemicals that can cause me grievous harm, I was stopped in my tracks when someone suggested that the government wouldn’t let those chemicals in products sold in the USA – so how could fabrics contain those chemicals?   I didn’t have an…

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Let’s keep Australia sort of GM free!!!!

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Consumers have power in their choices – make sure you choose wisely!

Originally posted on The 1910 Bottling Company Blog:

Thank goodness we’re still GM free here! But are we really?

apples-1First the good news…

Fruit and Vegies grown in Australia are GM free. (see more in the Now the Bad News section below).

Most cereal crops grown in Australia are GM free.

We have wonderful delicious locally produced food and it’s worth celebrating. The only Australian crops to be wary of are GM cotton and GM canola.

  • If you buy food labelled “Product of Australia” the “significant ingredients” will be sourced from Australia and (except for cotton and canola) should be GM-free.
  • GM cotton is eaten as: cottonseed oil and cotton linters (may be in bulking agent 460), although the left over pesticide producing cotton trash has been fed to animals.
  • Find out what your chips are cooked in. “Formula 40” is GM cottonseed oil – most other brands will be GM as well.
  • GM…

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Fred the Hero saves the day!


This afternoon Fred gave his very special intruders bark to alert me, and I went outside to find a tiger snake in the courtyard.  After putting the cats and Fred inside the house, to keep them safe, I gathered up some of the snake nets and draped them around where the snake was hiding.  Then contacted the landlord who drove over and together we dealt with the situation.  Neither of us liked killing it, but it was too dangerous to have so close to the house.  It may have been the one causing the problems, but there’s no way of knowing for sure.  What is for sure, is that Fred did a wonderful job of noticing it and telling me to come and look.  He got an extra special hug and cuddle from me :-)


The Millicent Field Naturalist Society hosts film on Unconventional Gas Drilling.


Come along and support the Alliance! Hold Wattle Range Council accountable to their actions!

Originally posted on WattleRangeNow:

Editor: S Lowe 5THE FMnewsonline wattlerangenow.

 There will be a screening of the documentary “Fractured Country: An Unconventional Invasion” produced  by the Lock yhe Gate Alliance about the fracking for gas in Queensland and NSW.

 Dr. Catherine Pye will be  the guest speaker and  there  will be others attending to answer questions after the screening.

 This issue affects the whole of the Limestone Coast

 Come along and be informed about the industry and what you can do to stop it.

 Where: Millicent Civic and Arts Supper Room

When: Friday 21st February 2014 at 7-30 pm.

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Today Pixel is at the vet’s, fighting for her life.  Please everyone, send some prayers to her.  It’s snake bite.

The next few days are quite critical.  Thank you.

Idiocracy? The White House’s ‘Healthy’ Diet Plan for Kids, Brought to You by Subway


Blatant greed by powermongers.

Originally posted on Global Elite TV | Independent Alternative Media:

Hey kids, can you say “corporatism”? Now eat up (don’t read the ingredients, though).

If you need any more proof that our government is essentially a fascist vehicle for corporate interests, please look no further than Michelle Obama partnering with the nation’s second largest fast food chain Subway in a $41 million marketing scheme to support Obama’s Let’s Move! campaign — a movement supposedly designed to help eradicate childhood obesity.

Michelle’s face is apparently soon to be plastered all over Subways everywhere… and people are threatening to boycott. While papers like the LA Times are touting this move as Obama simply “tapping” Subway to help get kids to eat better, a cursory glance at the restaurant’s nutrition guide shows that the average meal at Subway is anything but the paragon of health. Like all convenience food in this country, it has its fair share of chemical preservatives, artificial colors, food…

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Where Do We Go From Here?

Originally posted on Bealtaine Cottage: 002

Bealtaine survived the hurricane yesterday and the night before.

As we approach the end of another year, reflection on 2013 begins to take form.
The media is brimming with highlights and lowlights from the year almost over.
As many of you know, I do not have a television and rarely tune into the radio, so, perhaps, I find myself with more time and silence to reflect and think. 003From the little I have experienced this year from the outside world, it appears that economics has been the driving force behind every problem on this tiny planet.
The mass destruction of our earthly home has been driven by economics… cost of living… better termed the cost of dying, for it is like inheritance tax.
The cost of living is an inheritance tax on the planet, forever diminishing what we inherited and scraping the bones of children as yet unborn. 001Fracking the…

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Curtain Raiser

Originally posted on CollTales:

A No Good Bali Package, Colltalers

By most accounts, the 159-nation World Trade Organization conference that ended Saturday, in Bali, Indonesia, hasn’t accomplished much. And that ignites yet another round of scrutiny about the WTO’s own relevance as a moderator with regulatory power over international commerce.
For despite approving measures that will lower even more barriers and potentially increase global trade in some $1 trillion dollars in the near future, the crucial issue of agricultural subsidies failed to gain traction and was all but disavowed by the wealthiest and biggest food exporting nations.
At its core, the issue boils down to whether big multinational corporate farms, which produce close to 50% of the food the world consumes and control much of the land where it’s produced, regardless of country, deserve to continue receiving multimillion dollar government aid packages.
On the other side of this equation, sits a myriad of small…

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How to avoid toxins in fabrics – and other products


Yes, there are things you can do to make a difference!

Originally posted on O ECOTEXTILES:

In response to a post a few weeks back, Susan Lanham wrote to us:  “I initially signed on to get this blog because I thought you would give practical ways to avoid these carcinogens. However, they are so pervasive, and there doesn’t seem to be any practical way to avoid them, so that reading your blog just makes me feel helpless and hopeless. More and more I just delete without reading: it’s like diagnosing a disease early when there is nothing to be done for it.”

Yikes.  We certainly didn’t want to turn people off in despair!  There is much you can do armed with a bit of knowledge.

We have always thought that information is the great motivator – that if people knew what they were buying, then they would demand changes in those products.  Remember that each time you purchase something,  you’re ensuring that the product you bought…

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The Simplicity Project, No. 1

Originally posted on Still and All:


Going to seed….

December is here and thus begins my simplicity project.

This has been inspired by Kim Manley Ort and so I am joining her in posting images that are simpler and more minimal than usual. It’s a way to remind myself to focus on what is really essential in an image and in the rest of life too.

If this also appeals to you, there’s a Flickr group devoted to Photographic Simplicity that you are welcome to join.

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You Think You Know Matt Damon, and Then He Gets on Stage and Blows Your Mind!


Bravo!!! Spread the message!

Originally posted on Global Elite TV | Independent Alternative Media:

Matt Damon reads from Howard Zinn’s speech “The Problem is Civil Obedience” (November 1970)

“Our problem is not Civil Disobedience, it is Civil Obedience!” “What we’re trying to do is get back to the principle and spirit of the Declaration of Independence.”  This video changed my entire view of Matt Damon. This is the ultimate speech for those fed up with government corruption.

Sometimes it takes someone famous to speak the truth for the rest of society to actually listen to it. This is that video, please share.


Voices of a People’s History

The Free Thought Project

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Angle to Key West: To the End (10/26)


An amazing test of endurance – victorious!

Originally posted on Predictably Lost:


Northwest Angle, Lake of the Woods – October 26, 2013

Up early and into the wind. Islands and a narrowing tongue of water. Thin fingered trees. Tamaracks on fire. Brown blades of grass. Cold. Thirteen miles vanish. A pair of swans soar out of the water, white as cotton, circling the sky, stretching their necks to trumpet the end like heralds. I stare at the clean line of sky cutting down the border, empty space where there should have been trees, empty space I once filled with imagination next to an old metal monument at the northern tip of America.

I imagined the Boundary Waters and Lake Superior, the Mississippi and the Gulf, the Everglades and the Florida Keys. I imagined the people I’d meet, the unknown faces turned friends, and the stories I’d hear. I imagined icy water, the sun beating down overhead, and waves rushing over the bow…

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How Monsanto Threatens The Entire Planet

Originally posted on Global Elite TV | Independent Alternative Media:

Anthony Gucciardi of Storyleak breaks down how Monsanto and the global elite are on a mission to alter, mutate, and own the entire planet — and are assaulting humanity in the process.

Through rampant and unchecked genetic manipulation, multinational biotechnology juggernauts like Monsanto continue to churn out genetically modified creations that threaten the entire planet in a way that we have never before witnessed throughout history. Examining the role of genetic manipulation, even going beyond the affects on human health, it’s easy to see how the very genetic integrity of the environment can be compromised in the blink of an eye — and that’s even more concerning than the potential human health effects.

Here are 5 ways Monsanto continues to threaten life on our planet, and perhaps more importantly, what we can do about it:

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The Intentionally Poor


Very thoughtful writing.

Originally posted on Mad Man Knitting:

Yesterday I was running across the news headlines and I found an article that I thought was pretty interesting. Basically, a story about a man who pretty much walked away from modern trappings, dug himself a little “hobbit hole” and lives on no more than $5,000 a year. The article really did pursue people who decided upon stripping themselves of the current material status quo, but it really didn’t go into a discussion about people who were FORCED into that lifestyle and had to learn to cope, deal, and move on. (If you want, you can read the article here.)

I think we first have to recognize that poverty is pretty much someone else’s standard. The man in the hole doesn’t consider himself poor. Neither do I. What I mean is, although I only live on $8,000 a year, I don’t consider myself poor. I’m broke, yes, but I…

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No Small Feat. (Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue.)


I get incensed when I read about mistreatment of animals, and also at the breeding programs(?) that produce something that will usually, it seems, attract exactly the wrong sort of people who just want an animal that is ‘cute’ or ‘different’ without comprehending their own responsibilities in the matter. Thankfully there are also good compassionate people like Anna and the rescue organisations!

Originally posted on Horses |AnnaBlakeBlog | Equestrian:

WMArchie boysMeet Archie.

He got introduced by that name, but I prefer being a bit more formal with him, as a sign of respect. Archibald feels more suitable.

Here he is passing time with a couple of boys in my herd, but I distracted him with a compliment and he’s on his way over for a scratch.

This is no small feat. I have a ton of respect for this horse. It’s horses like Archie that embody the finest traits we love about equines.

I’m fostering him here for Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue. Archibald had the kind of start that isn’t unusual for a rescue horse. Neglect. There are a long list of ugly details about his herd, he was living in a junkyard with little hay and no water. The owners lived 30 miles away. Imagine the worst, and whatever your mind is picturing, it isn’t bad enough. Archie is…

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Monsanto Protection Act Resurrected to Grant Biotech Giant Legal Immunity


Monsanto is evil. Let’s not hold hands with evil but defeat it.

Originally posted on Global Elite TV | Independent Alternative Media:

The Monsanto Protection Act that grants Monsanto full immunity from federal courts is back, and once again it is being pushed by elected politicians who have utterly disregarded the very people they claim to represent.

As you may remember, the original version of the Monsanto Protection Act was contained as a secretive rider in the Senate spending bill HR 933, which was rushed through to ‘prevent government collapse’. In other words, Monsanto nefariously planned the rider to hide within the emergency bill that they knew full well would pass the Senate. As a result, Monsanto was granted complete immunity from federal courts with regards to their experimental GMO crops — regardless of  any scenario regarding Monsanto’s disease-spawning GM waste.

This means that even if Monsanto were to go and plant a genetically modified crop variation that was admitted to cause cancer, they would still be immune. Even if they…

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