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High jinks in the garden

It’s Spring, time for blossom, bees, and a little frivolity :-)

A glimpse of my new direction :-)

Here’s a brief little teaser of some of which I’ve become involved in recently…….


I’ve belived for a long time that the Arts, and being Creative, is a way forward through the morass that humanity appears to have fallen into, to a place where individuality within community is to be celebrated and encouraged.

A chance meeting with a likeminded person almost a year ago is now giving form to that concept, although it’s still very early days and much is continuing to evolve.

So there’s a little Light on the subject for you :-)


day of finnish nature 2014


All over the world, let us celebrate Nature!

Originally posted on alternative viewpoints:

Today, we’re celebrating the day of Finnish nature for the second time, ever! I’m travelling at the moment (indeed, I am in Finland!), so this post is done in a bit of a haste. Despite this, I want to make a post because I very much like the idea of a day for nature, since there are days for so many other important concepts. This is what I wrote last year:

It’s a day for appreciation and maybe a bit of reflection, too – what does nature mean to us, and why are we destroying it? I also hope this day will raise awareness of the natural catastrophes that take place in Finland every year, caused both by companies and individuals. Money comes first far too often.

Days for this and that might not have a direct impact on anything, but I think it’s a good opportunity to nudge people…

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Almost Springtime

It’s almost Springtime Downunder, the grass is growing, the cows are calving, and blossoms are peeking out.
Warm days and clear chilly nights. My plans for the future are taking much of my time so thanks for hanging in, and all will be revealed in good time. :-)



Will that be fins with your tuna?


It’s always important to consider all aspects connected with the food we eat. I stopped eating shark and tuna a long time ago…..

Originally posted on Kiwiyarns Knits:

If you are one of the lovely people who have been reading my blog for over a year, you will know that I have deep concerns about the sustainability of the ocean’s health, and with it, its inhabitants.

Today I’d like to talk about sharks.

Why does does the future of sharks concern me?  My main issue is that sharks are being killed mostly as bycatch.  Their lives are being wasted, the health of the ocean compromised simply because fishing companies have not come up with a better way to catch only the fish they are targeting.  So many sharks (and rays) are being killed as bycatch that today around 25% of all sharks and rays are threatened with extinction.   To ban shark finning is one thing, but if sharks continue to be caught as bycatch, have we done any good?

Sharks were not on my list to talk about at the time…

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More on Depression


Nothing more I can add to this…..

Originally posted on Damn the Matrix:

It’s a miserable day today.  Cold, rainy, and worst of all…….  the AGA’s flue looks like it’s blocked up, and getting up on the roof to clean it out in this weather is simply out of the question!  My fault, I had scrap pine left over, and I decided to put it through the stove to get rid of it, and now I pay the price……. at least, all things being equal, we might end up with full tanks again by the time this deluge ends, we do need the rain.


Nicole Thornton

The passing of Robin Williams by his own hand has caused much gnashing of teeth on the internet, and a rebound in posts about depression and suicide.  So this is what I’m writing about on this rainy afternoon.  The post I put up about ‘everyone I know is heartbroken’ attracted a lot of attention; then the other…

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASorry, but the cat’s got my tongue these days….  so I’m leaving it to Fred to tell the story.