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Nothing more I can add to this…..

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It’s a miserable day today.  Cold, rainy, and worst of all…….  the AGA’s flue looks like it’s blocked up, and getting up on the roof to clean it out in this weather is simply out of the question!  My fault, I had scrap pine left over, and I decided to put it through the stove to get rid of it, and now I pay the price……. at least, all things being equal, we might end up with full tanks again by the time this deluge ends, we do need the rain.


Nicole Thornton

The passing of Robin Williams by his own hand has caused much gnashing of teeth on the internet, and a rebound in posts about depression and suicide.  So this is what I’m writing about on this rainy afternoon.  The post I put up about ‘everyone I know is heartbroken’ attracted a lot of attention; then the other…

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASorry, but the cat’s got my tongue these days….  so I’m leaving it to Fred to tell the story.

Rally this Saturday at Parliament House

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Save our Food Bowl, Water and Tourism State Rally and March.

We would love your help to stop proposed invasive gas and mining projects on our farmland and in our ocean that pose a major threat to our clean water, soil and air, affecting our agricultural, marine and tourism industries.

A rally has been arranged Saturday 2 August 2014by the LCPA

9.45am GATHER at Parliament House10.00am START RALLY
10.20am MARCH to Victoria Square
(There will be some brief speeches at Parliament House and Victoria Square)
We strongly urge everyone in rural areas as well as our city friends to come and join us.
The Adelaide City Council will provide parking for any farm machinery, e.g. tractors and trucks. But please let Anne Daw know if you can bring any farm machinery, so that provisions for parking can be made with the Adelaide City Council.
Please feel free to…

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Open Letter by a Farmer concerning Rex Mines to all residents of Yorke Peninsula


Another example of a world gone crazy on greed. It’s time for ordinary people to revolt!

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Preface by David Ninnes Sustainable Communities McLaren Vale

Please support the farmers of Yorke Peninsula by attending the

Save Our Food Bowl Rally
Saturday August 2nd 2014
9:45am on steps of Parliament House 

The appalling way that Rex Mining and the government are treating this issue is beyond belief. Our hearts go out to the author of this letter and to all of the farmers and residents who have without wavering opposed the mining of copper and other minerals because it is their right and also because the Yorke Peninsula is a major part of Australia’s food bowl. We do not need this mine! We need to protect the areas history, culture & traditions, the ecology and biodiversity for the sake of all Australians, future generations and the planet. I will be at the rally – please join me in support of  this cause – see you there.

Open Letter to…

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Billy Connolly CBE


I’ll drink to that!

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Billy drinks several cups of tea every day and enjoys them immensely although tea is only his second favourite beverage – his first choice would eb alcohol, which unfortunately he’s no longer allowed, as he drank his share all at once, not knowing it was supposed to last a lifetime. BC Photo Cosy Hi ResBilly would like to invite God round for tea as there are several issues that he feels should be brought to his attention, not least being the poor refereeing at Celtic games, but he guesses he’s busy in the Middle East right now and so alternatively he’d love to soend some time with Nelson Mandela or Keith Richards.

Billy Conolly 5 bf 005Billy has always felt it beneficial to have a code to live by to assist in avoiding life’s mosre treacherous pitfalls. His has always been to never trust a man, who, when he’s alone in a room with a tea cosy, doesn’t…

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Time for Tea

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACome and share a pot of tea,
My home is warm and my friendship’s free
    Emilie Barnes

Fallen Boys


I am aghast at Australia’s continued collusion with Israel allowing these atrocities to continue. Shame Abbott shame!

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Where Children Are
Killed & No One Cares

The original, moving tribute to Ahed Atef Bakr, Zakaria Ahed Bakr, Mohamed Ramez Bakr, and Ismael Mohamed Bakr, ages 8 to 10, killed by Israel’s shells at Gaza, was done by Israeli artist Almir Shiby.
We took the liberty of including the heartbreaking picture of the grief stricken father of one of the boys, taken by Hosam Salem. If nothing is done to stop this carnage, we’re all guilty by association.

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